Migration for National Integration

As a part of New Educational policy, migration from Hindi speaking areas to non-Hindi speaking areas is a special feature of all JNVs.  One of the main objectives of NVS is to promote National Integration of its migration policy. We always ensure social and emotional integration ,hospitality and personal care towards migrated students.

We have migration with JNV Chhan, Tonk Dist. of Rajasthan. Presently 20 Rajasthan students are studying here as 30% of their strength in class VIII. Migrated students are provided with opportunities for their social and emotional integration, local exchange of culture and traditions by involving them in all the activities of the Vidyalaya like cultural shows, Dance, Drama, Literary and club activities ,Sports and Games,Visit to historic /Tourist places, Festival celebrations based on their potential, aptitude and interest. They assimilate the culture of Kerala, feels at home and speaks fluent Malayalam.  Mini Migrated students come from JNV  Palakkad  , Malapuram,  and Calicut.