• Once the selection list is received from CBSE, details of the selected students are to be checked thoroughly with the application forms.
  • If any discrepancy is noticed, the same is to be brought to the notice of NVS, R.O and CBSE. If there is no discrepancy, parents of the selected students are to be informed officially and also a copy of different proformae which are to be submitted at the time of verification of documents to be sent. Intimation is to be given only by Registered Post with acknowledgement due card.
  • On the day of verification, proper scrutiny of the documents is to be done by involving the staff of JNV. If clarification is to be sought, the same is to be officially communicated.
  • A meeting of the parents along with their wards may be conducted on the verification day to brief them about the “Navodaya” system.
  • On the day of verification, actual date of beginning the classes and the reporting date are to be informed.
  • If any student/parent does not report for certificate verification, at least twice registered posts are to be sent in the form of final notice.
  • Before the students of class VI report for classes, all the arrangements are to be made for their stay in the dormitories.
  • Other items and textbooks are to be made available on the reporting day.
  • If any vacancy exists due to non-reporting of candidate even after two reminders or non-submission of required documents, CBSE is to be requested to release the waitlist.
  • It should be ensured that admission process is completed within 20 days from the date of receipt of the select list.
  • The admission process to class VI through main list should be completed latest by 30th June 2017.

JNVST (Class-VI):

 Time activity schedule provided by NVS HQrs is to be strictly followed.

  • On receipt of prospectus-cum-application forms from NVS, R.O., arrangement is to be made for publicity:
  • District administration is to be appraised regarding JNVST and the cooperation for distribution of prospectus is to be requested.
  • DEO/ DDPI/ IS/ BEO are to be requested for providing vide publicity.
  • Principal of JNV, with the permission from competent authority, may attend the meeting of Headmasters of primary schools and they may be requested to help for enrolment of their students.
  • Pamphlets may be distributed throughout the district for publicity.
  • Help of PTC, parents and Alumni may be sought for distribution of prospectus.
  • Arrangement is to be made for publicity through AIR, Doordarshan, local cable operators, Headman of village etc.
  • On receipt of the filled in applications from District Administration, arrangement is to be made for proper scrutiny.
  • Language-wise requirement of question papers is to be communicated to NVS, RO as per time activity schedule.
  • Bio-data is to be forwarded to Regional Office within the stipulated period.
  • Efforts should be made to enhance the number of applications by at least 10%

Admission to class VI

Navodaya Vidyalaya admission is a unique process that asserts 80 students are admitted every year in class VI through All India selection test conducted for the pupils studying in class V during the respective year in the particular district.

NVS is the pioneering organization in the nation to promote academic excellence  in the rural students. Appearing in a national level selection exam at class V level by the rural students equips one to be competitive in the field of education.

Forms were being registered online as well as offline for admission.  There was an action plan for publicity and promotion of registration.  News in AIR, various dailies,   local TV channels, social media, PTC members , parents , visit of teachers to various    schools make the registration a systematic process. The JNV Mayannur could register  943  applications  for the JNVST 2018.