Co-curricular Activities


 Co-curricular activities supplement and compliment the curricular activities. Performance in CCA is an important indicator of the quality of the students and the academic inputs.  Hence, high quality of performance and organization should be ensured. Sufficient time has to be given to students for preparing for the CCA. Invariably the CCA should be organized as Inter House Competitions and points are recorded appropriately and also displayed on the ‘CCA Bulletin Board’. These competitions add charm and boost the House spirit which is very much essential in a residential setup. To manage time, these activities may be conducted in sync with the celebration of important festivals, Days and occasions. AEP activities need not be conducted in isolation; instead they may be embedded in CCA Inter House and Pace Setting activities.  A register for CCA should be maintained to record notices, draw of lots, allotment of duties on the day of competitions, results of the event, etc. The sequence of steps in organizing a CCA should be scrupulously followed to ensure fairness and quality.

Various circulars issued by NVS HQ/ ROs from time to time be strictly adhered to.

Activities identified should cover all the areas which ensure development of holistic personality.  CCA should be conducted on regular basis once in a week by ensuring maximum participation of students.  The concerned teachers/HMs/AHMs should be available for inter house CCA competitions and all staff should be present for the celebrations of important days and events.

1 Group Dance/Folk Dance/Classical Dance
2 Solo Dance
3 Skit-English/Hindi/Regn.Lang
4 One Act play in Eng/Hindi/Regn.Lang
5 Dramatis in Eng/Hindi/Regn. Lang
1 Group Song

i.                     Patriotic  Song

ii.                    Folk Song

iii.                  Devotional Song

2 Solo Singing

i.                     Patriotic Song

ii.                    Folk Song

iii.                  Devotional Song

3 Instrumental
4 Action Song  ( Mass Participation)
1 Painting-Landscape Painting , Portrait Painting, and Composition Painting
2 Mask Making, Cap Making, Kite Making, Rakhi Making
3 Paper craft / paper cutting
4 Collage
5 Emboss Painting on glass
6 Calligraphy
7 Rangoli Competition, Theme based viz., Earth Day, Environment Day, Save Water, Save Energy, Save Fuel, Save Tiger etc.,
8 Cartoon Drawing- ICT tools available for designs/3D models may also be practised.  Models prepared will also be useful for classroom activities in all subject areas.
9 Clay Modelling
10 Mehandi Drawing

Literary activities plays a pivotal role in shaping the personality of every individual student.Participation of students in calligraphy, elocution, extempore, poetry writing and debating competitions in English, Malayalam and Hindi transforms the person into a budding literary personality. This is a platform for the students to equip themselves with language skills essential for local, national and international exposure.

Awareness programs on AIDS,Hand Wash, Environmental day International yoga  etc conducted in the vidyalaya spreads the message to the public. The social department has taken Keen interest in conducting special prograrammes in connection with 70 years of Indian Independence, national communal harmony day and vigilance awareness week.

Every student of JNV is well aware of local, regional and national festivals. Onam, Children’s’ Day, Christmas, Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day are celebrated in the vidyalaya which instill a sense of patriotism in the students. Brain storming activities were undertaken to impart a sense of critical thinking in the young minds.

Fancy dress competition, Mono Act, Light music and Fresher’s Day celebration enabled the artistic skills of students to be manifested in different angles.

The Art department of the Vidyalaya has undertaken a lot of poster making and slogan writing competitions, book cover page designing at JNV level and National Level at different occasions.  They also contributed in decorating the Vidyalaya at all special occasions.

 The SUPW department has taken keen interest   in beautification of the campus and gardening.   Students actively participate in making craft work using origami and other recycled materials.  The department has extensively contributed to swatch bharat.

The music department trains large number of students group with different patriotic song, community song and religious songs.   They train the Vidyalaya students with different cultural activities.   Special training is given to the talented children in handling musical instruments.