Mess Menu

The Vidyalaya Mess Committee Meeting is regularly conducted in every month.   The Principal, Vice Principal and all the HMs and student leaders along with the Catering Assistant and the Staff Nurse of the vidyalaya design the menu for the month. A balanced diet is being served to the students. All festivals are celebrated in a befitting manner  serving the traditional cuisine to the students. 

District Level Mess Committee Meeting was conducted on 19th December 2017 chaired by Sri. Sajan, Additional District Magistrate Thrissur.  The committee discussed in details the functioning of JNV mess and gave suggestion for further strengthening.  The committee expressed happiness on the effective functioning of mess and quality of nutritious food provided to the children.  


Days 7 .00 AM Breakfast 8.50AM to
9.20 AM
Lunch 1:30 PM
TO 1.50 PM
Tea 4.10 PM to 4.30 PM Dinner 8.00PM to 8.30 PM
MON Black Coffee& Rusk Dosa / Sambar/Chatney/ Milk Boost Rice +Sambar  + Fish Curry/Fish fry + Veg Thoran+Kuruma/Kootukari Chapatti (for M/S) Tea + Ground nut  Fry Rice + Sambar+ Rasam + Cheera+  Fruits+ Chappatti
TUE Puttu + Bengal Gram curry/Milk Boost Rice + Morecurry + Egg Curry + Veg Thoran Chapatti (for M/S) Tea + Biscuit Rice + Lobia Curry Mix Veg pickle Chappatti (for M/S)
WED Upma + Green peas curry+Sugar/Banana /Milk Boost/ Tea Rice + Pulicurry +Veg Thoran+ Payasam

Chapatti (for M/S)

Tea + Mixture/

Channa Masala

Rice + Sambar +Rasam + Thoran + Fruits Pickle Chappatti (for M/S)
THU Idili + Sambar/ Chatney/Boost Rice + Dal curry + Fish fry+ Veg Thoran,,Elserry+Chappatti (for M/S) Tea + Bonda Rice + Sambar+Rasam+Thoran+ Pickle + Chappatti (for M/S)
FRI Bread + Greenpeas  Potato Curry +Fruits+Milk Boost /Egg Rice + Sambar+ Mixing (Cheera Veg+Kesari+ Butter Milk Chapatti
(for M/S)
Tea + Bun/Fruity Rice + Lobia curry + Rasam+ Thoran + Fruits

Chappatti (for M/S)

SAT Veg Fried rice + Salad + Tea Rice + Sambar + Rice Payasam+Veg Thoran Chapatti (for M/S) Tea + Vada Rice + Sambar + Rasam + Thoran + Chapatti
(for M/S)
SUN Chapatti + Greenpeas with potato curry/milk Boost Rice + Sambar + Chicken Curry + Masla curry + Avail Chapathi for M/S Tea + Biscuit Rice+ Sambar+Rasam+Thoran+Pickle+ Chappatti (for M/S)

Note: 1. Thoran will change as per availability Vegetables.

2. Kanji (night time) on parents day

3. Bada Khana once in a month


CA                      STAFF NURSE              VP                    PRINCIPAL